October 2019 Coaching Tip

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7 minutes of Terror

Tip by Brent Reeves from Van Buren, AR.

We divide into 3 teams and play. Your goal is to win a game to 5.

If you lose, you are exercising. It is different each time but the exercise must be hard. We put 7 minutes on the clock and begin play. We always use a down ball to start the rally and if you win you get the free ball. 1st team to 5 stays and the other team will go directly to the exercise station and stay until one of the 2 teams loses and then they will switch. This has become our most competitive drill.

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  • I have done this drill with my high school players. They loved it. I would switch up the exercises each time we did it, somedays it would be something silly the players had to do if I felt their vibes were off (ex. leap frog)

    Chenise on
  • why on earth would you do any activity in a gym which has the purpose to inspire terror in the players?

    Loren on
  • It looks like it says 7 minutes.

    Todd on
  • How long do you do this drill 30 minutes 45 minutes etc?

    Sandy French on

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