February 2024 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Tim Zaprzalka, Pomperaug HS in Southbury, CT.

HORSE with Attackers - mark back corners with cones to create corner hitting zones, a hula hoop in mid court for tips or roll shots near the 10ft line, hard angle swing zone marked by cones on or slightly behind 10ft line (you can also add a zone down the line if you'd like).

Hitting lines on one side, If a hitter hits a specific zone then all other hitters must hit that zone or they get a letter. Continue until all except one hitter spells out HORSE. You could do this game a few different ways: All together or with 2 hitting groups (all pin hitters first, then middles). You could go off a coaches toss for consistency or you could rotate through all of your setters.

There is a lot of room to individualize the drill to fit your own needs but essentially its a very fun and competitive offensive practice game to get your players THINKING about placement and LOOKING to where they want to hit on their hits/rolls/swings. Great way to get your players to work on their vision and placement while hitting.


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