May 2024 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Tim Joyce in Columbia, PA.

Serving (Standing)- External Cues

Even elite athletes are rarely fully aware of what their bodies are doing in a moment of athletic action. Use external (focused on something other than the body), as opposed to internal (ie. "elbow high, shoulder back"), cues to help athletes serve better.

LIFT- Lift the ball to where you can hit it hard (higher than head, in front of hitting shoulder). The term 'toss' implies higher elevation, which may result in more ball tracking and greater contact variance. Using the term 'lift' suggests more control and less variability.

SHIFT- Athletes should shift their weight into the serve. Shifting the weight from the back foot to front foot (like a pitcher or quarterback) just before contact allows the athlete to generate swing momentum and better power.

TWIST- The athlete's torso should twist (shoulder/hip separation) to whip the hitting arm through the ball, generating fast arm speed.

POP- Strike the desired section of the ball with a rigid hand, creating a "popping" noise and propelling the ball.


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