April 2024 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Adam Evans in Tennessee. 

30-Second Tempo Drill

I use this drill to work on the tempo of my offense.

The drill starts with all 6 players on the floor in their free ball defensive positions ready to transition to our offensive set. I put 30 seconds on the scoreboard so the girls can visually see how much time is on the clock throughout the duration of the drill.

I stand on the opposite side of the net with the ball cart ready to throw in balls into play. Since this is strictly an offensive tempo drill, there is not a defense on the opposite side of the net.

The drill begins with the coach throwing a free ball into play. As soon as the first player makes contact with the ball the 30 second clock countdown clock begins. The goal is to get as many hitter touches as possible in the 30 seconds. As soon as a hitter makes contact another free ball is thrown into play.

At the end of the 30 seconds, the girls will regroup and go through the drill two more times to try to beat the number of hits from their previous attempts. This drill can be modified from counting touches by hitters to only counting successful swings by the offense.

This drill forces every player on the court to think about the offensive tempo from their passes, their sets, and their hits.

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