March 2024 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Denise Rose from Guilford, IN.

Volley Baseball

This is my drill to work on converting serve receive to attacks, while working on more aggressive serves.

Divide into 2 teams, can be 5 v 5, the serving team is trying to score runs, the defensive team is trying to get 3 outs.

An out is achieved if they convert a serve receive pass into an attack. A free ball is a wash, any ball that is not returned is a point to a server. Serving errors are also counted as outs.
Runs for the serving team are counted with every ball the serve receiving team can not return.

I usually go to 3 innings, conversations are had between innings if the servers are not challenging the passers enough, and they are getting outs too quickly, and also what the passing team can do to convert more passes to attacks.

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