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Zig Zag Shuttle Passing

Tip by Morgan Johnson from Idaho.

Split the team into 2 groups.
Group A will stand on either side of the net facing the back line. Each holding a ball they will be the tossers.
Group B will stand on the back line facing someone from Group A. They will be the passers.

Setting the timer for 2-3 minutes. Group B will run from the back line to the 10ft line to pass the ball. Once passed, they will shuffle back and to the left (clockwise), touch the back line and repeat for the next tosser. As the player reaches the end of one side of the net they must run to the back line on the other side an continue until the time is up. Switch groups and start again.

- Back line-> 10 ft line
- 10 ft line -> Back Line
- Sets only
- Pass both back row and 10 ft line

Great for conditioning, moving for the ball, and ball control. I used this drill for 7th grade but it could be used for all ages.

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  • My favorite type of drill where the entire team is engaged! This would be a great pre-game warm-up activity instead of traditional stationary partner passing.

    GIlbert on

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