September 2019 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Jacqueline Twing, Rock Island, IL.

Everything Drill.

Divide the team into 3 groups. Setters will be on Side B.

Group 1: Serving from Side A to Side B. After serve, player sprints to the base and receives a down ball from a coach on Side A. After digging, replace target and hand the ball to the coach. Coach goes through the line of servers 3x attacking from LF and 3x attacking from RF.

Group 2: Serve Receive. Group of defensive specialists, outside hitters, and liberos. Receive ball from Side A. If aced, or server misses serve, the coach tosses a ball to setter to set up attackers. After the pass, players are calling out where the hitters should be attacking. Avoiding the defense on the other side.

Group 3: Attackers. Attackers are on Side B, loading from left front, middle front, or right front attacking off of serve receive ball from passers on Side B. If there are many defensive specialists in this group, have them hide in serve receive to hit a back row attack or add to group 2 for serve receive. Attackers are attacking away from the server that is playing defense on side A. If server is in right back digging, the Outside hitter is trying to attack cross court.

Switch groups after time limit or set number of connections.

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