November 2023 Coaching TIp

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Tip by Rob Zajdel from Coatesville, IN.

In and Out Drill

You will have a setter start in the setting position and have a hitter start in the attacking location on the left side. You will have 2 passing lines, one in middle back and the other in left back.

Coach will toss a ball to the player in the first line to pass to setter and the hitter will transition inside to attack a middle attack. Right after the ball is attacked, coach tosses another ball to the 2nd line. The attacker transitions back outside to attack that ball. The ball is passed to setter which is set to the outside.

Players rotate from 1st line to 2nd line to attacker and back to the 1st line.

Challenge your hitters to try different ball attacks with the hitter calling out to the setter for the type of attack.



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