October 2023 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Kasey McDonald, Hendersville, NC.

One of our favorite drills in the gym! It is a great defensive, out of systems, and overall gut-check drill. It is called "Bonsai" and it requires 2 people to run the drill and you can alter the number of players competing.

All players start on the right back endline in the corner. There is a target on the diggers side and a coach/player on a box in zone 4 on the other side of the net. Only ONE person will go through the drill at a time.

Player 1 has to dig the following in the specific order:
1. Hard line shot
2. Dig a tip
3. Set a high outside ball
4. Pursue an out of system ball
5. (player goes to left back) Digs a cross swing
6. Digs a cross tip
7. Has to serve a ball in

When Player 1 has made it through the digs and is going to serve, Player 2 is entering the court to start their round.

We usually go through 3 times with groups of 3. Our players love it and it's a great challenge for all involved.

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