December 2023 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Andrea Roelen in Washington State.

Right from the beginning of season as you are training players in your club, always have them practice SERVING CORNER TO CORNER straight down the line (6 to 8 feet from either the left or right sidelines) for any warm ups, drills and matches.

Players should NOT be serving from the center of the court since this is where the libero most often serve receives. Teams have a much better chance of delivering a good ball to the setter when the ball is served in the middle of the court! Statistics show that you have an 85% chance of scoring a point or keeping the opposing team out of system when you serve down the line corner to corner into Zones 1 and 5.

This simple and effective adjustment to serving mindset will significantly increase your ability to score points and keep the other team having much more difficulty with serve receive. Help your players get comfortable with being uncomfortable serving only corner to corner along the sidelines and over time, it will improve your team's ability to score points and thus, their overall success GREATLY!! Try it.

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