April 2023 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Rebekka Bonnaffee, Hannan High in Covington, LA.



Great as a warm-up to get team competing immediately. Quickly becomes competitive. Gets team moving in transition from any position on the court. All players play and learn all positions. Great drill to work on communication.


6 v 6. Initiate with free ball to either side. Every time ball goes over the net, everyone rotates a position. Can have setter stay in her position or designate position as setter’s position (everyone sets). Game progression is as follows: pass, pass, pass – pass, set, set – pass, set, roll shot – pass, set, hit. Drill is cooperative until we get to the last progression.


3 v 3

Use pass, pass, pass progression competitively to practice scoring on a free ball.

Designate where third hit should go (practice out of system balls).

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