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Doghouse: A Twist on Queen of the Court

Tip by Coach Charlie Buzogany.

Set-up: Doghouse is essentially set up exactly like Queen of the Court with three back row players and a setter on each side of the net. Players that are off wait behind the endline on the “challenger” side of the net. The other side of the net is the “doghouse”.

How to play: The goal of the game is to accumulate points and reach a predetermined score, or have the most points at the end of a specified amount of time. Players can only earn points by winning on the challenger side. Play is initiated by either a freeball or downball entered to the challenger side. The point plays out and if the challenger team wins, the players on that side receive a point and wave off to the back of the line and the team in the doghouse stays where they are. If the team in the doghouse wins, no points are awarded but they get out of the doghouse and the challenger team takes their place in the doghouse.

Challenger Side: win points, ideally with first-ball-kills to earn points and keep other teams in the doghouse
Doghouse: Fight back when they’re at a disadvantage and get back to the challenger side.

If you don’t have a lot of athletes waiting, you can enter 3 balls and play best 2 out of 3
If you want to make teams in the dog house face even more adversity, only have a setter on the challenger side.
Instead of having a winner with the most points, the team with the least points at the end of the game stays in the doghouse until the next time you play and must shag balls for the rest of practice.


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