September 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Jen Ruggles in Lutherville, MD.

My coaching tip - I have 2...pick your favorite or both! I coach beginner volleyball to Elementary and Middle school....

Solo Queens. Great for beginners to focus on ball control and individual skills. Great warmup, quick points, and lots of touches. Split players into 3 even lines: Tossing line, Challenger line and Queen line. Tosser stands off court and underhand tosses over the net to the queen. Play out the point (1 vs 1). Small court size: 10' line and midpoint of net (can set up 2 games on 1 court). Winner of point goes to back of Queens line. Loser goes to back of tossing line. After tossing, you go to challenger line. Works well with 2-3 in each line. To make more complex, can require 2 touches (bump to self/set over) or 3 touches (bump/set to self/hit over), and/or start with a serve vs toss. A great way to assess skills too. Elimination

Keep It up: Quick, fun, helps with communicating, fun competiti0on. Start with entire group in a circle on one side of volleyball court. Coach gives easy toss around the circle to start rally. Players have to a) Call for the ball b) pass or set a playable ball within boundaries of the 1/2 court. If they don't do either, they are out and move outside the circle and cheer. Coach determines whether ball is playable and can replay any that are borderline.

Thanks and hope we win! :)

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