August 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Sheldon Sheehy.

A popular Drill for any level in my gym is Bingo.

We play with any 5 objectives such as:
Stuff Block
Clean Kill
Middle Transition Kill
Perfect Pass to FBSO
Back Row Kill

So on and so forth anything you want your team to be working on you make it one of the bingo goal.

Then you play to 15 and whoever wins the game to 15 gets the Free space. So only one free space is awarded. The team to get all five objectives or 4 objectives and the free space first is the winner. Then you can switch teams and objectives.

I like it for a few reasons, but we want to be able to stop what the other team needs or does well so it helps us focus on what we need to win as well as what we need to do to stop the other team from winning.

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