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Quarterback Drill by Valerie Smith Industrial ISD in Inez, TX.

This drill is great for all ages and levels of play. This drill works on communication, footwork, passing and control.

You have two lines set off the court behind the volleyball serve line.
(Left line starts off with the ball)

Round 1 (5 min.)
It starts off 2 on 2 (Can do 3 on 3)
Like the title suggests, you start off throwing the volleyball back and forth. The goal for round one is to throw and catch. You are working communication and moving your feet to the ball. You want to throw the ball where it is difficult for the other team to catch it. Where ever the ball is caught, is where the ball is thrown. Which ever side fails to catch the ball, loses. Winners go to the opposite side of the court from where the ball began.

Round 2 (5 min)
Still throwing the ball back and forth, but now you are adding one pass. When the ball is thrown over, one player must pass the ball up on their side. Then either them or their partner may catch the ball and then throw it over.

Round 3 (5 min)
Now your adding two passes. Ball is thrown over and one partner must pass on their side of the court. Then the 2nd partner must also pass up the ball. Either partner can catch the ball after the 2nd pass and then throw it over.

Round 4 (5 min)
This round starts off with a throw. Once the ball is thrown, it is now 2 on 2. Must have three touches before ball is played over. You want a bump, set and spike, but as long as three touches are made, they keep playing (Very similar to queens of the court now).

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