November 2020 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Tim Caroll in Hutchinson, MN


This drill is called adrenaline - named by the players. Two coaches - each on a box at the pins. 10 players split into two groups of five - or whatever works for you. First group is in the drill - the other group shags balls and keeps the court safe. The first group begins with 1 player in the middle back - remaining 4 players are in line.

Coach on the OH pin hits a ball to the player in the middle back. She digs it to a target (someone from the other group). As soon as she digs the ball - coach on the RH pin is giving a tip - player runs from middle back to dig/pass up the tip. As soon as she digs/passes up that tip (or gets a touch) she is runs off court and goes and gets back in line.

Once every player has gone through the drill with the coach hitting the initial ball from the OH, the players go through it again this time the initial hit comes from the coach on the RH and reverse the action.

To really get the "adrenaline" going have the player that is waiting to go next step on the court once the first player leaves to get the first tip. That player must attempt to get a second touch on the second tip then run/shuffle back to get their initial hit from the coach.

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  • We spend time tracking great plays. We also realize we can spend time improving. On plays we can be more alert or focused more we tally those and at the end of the drill whether it is 10-12 minutes we have the team members serve our focus spots. If there were 5 plays to improve on but 2 game changing plays we give 3 players a ball to hit the focus spot. If 2 kids hit that spot 1 desired conditioning drill is done by team.

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