December 2020 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Andrew Heers from Hamilton, Texas.


This is a volleyball game I created that has lots of in game strategy a long with fun, while putting the emphasis on each point.

UNO Scrimmage
1. Number of Cards per Team. I started with 10
2. Alternate playing a card between points.
3. Reverse-opposing side rotates back on spot and the Team that plays the reverse plays a numerical card to follow.
4. Skip-when a skip is placed, that will skip the next server, whoever is going to serve. The Team that plays the skip must follow it with a numerical card.
5. Number showing on the card played is the value of the next point.
6. Wild Played-The team that plays in picks color and the opposing team must play a card right then.
7. Draw Cards-the other team will draw the number and play a card if possible.
8. If a team can Not play, they will draw. If still unable to play, then the opposing team gets to play a card.
9. If a team goes out, the opposing team must deduct their cards left at face value from their score. Draw 1 and Draw 2 are one and 2 points.
a. Reverse-5
b. Skip-5
c. Wild-10
d. Wild Draw 2-10

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