October 2020 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Robin Kuhn in Riceville, IA.

We play a little game called "Dodge Ball." My assistant coach created this game late one night after not being able to sleep.

Divide your girls into teams and prepare to scrimmage 6 on 6. You play the game like any match, except when a player makes an error and their team loses the point, that player has to sit out. The next ball is served, and that team has to play down a player.

This continues until one side has all six players eliminated. Players can come back onto the court in the order they were eliminated as their team "earns" points. For example, a missed serve means that player is eliminated, but the other does not get to reactivate a player as they didn't "earn" the point.

This really focuses on communication skills as the number dwindles for a side. It also forces the players to look for high percentage scoring opportunities during play.

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  • We play this in San Antonio Texas too, but we call it knock out

    Shannon Burton on
  • We play this game too but call it “lemonade” because it originally was called “eliminate” and it kept changing as people would not pronounce it correctly. It really is great to play for teams who need to work on communication skills early and learn how to “balance” the court

    Nancy on

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