December 2019 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Anita Burns, McAlester, OK.

My team's current favorite drill is "Rotating Buffs"
Split your team evenly and place on opposite sides of the net. (This drill does not work well for small teams of 10 or less.) For large teams, place 6 on floor and remainder waiting to rotate into the front left position.

Each side has one designated setter who remains in that position (either front or back row. I start with setter stationery on the front row then put her into back row after a few rounds. This helps her learn the difference in coming from back row to setter's position and when to stay and play defense, ie. attack or free ball situation) All other players will rotate once each time they successfully hit, push, tip or block a ball during the rally. A free ball on first touch does not allow a rotation. There are no points scored so the pace is quick and there is lots of communication.

Sometimes if they aren't talking enough, they aren't allowed to rotate. This reinforces the need to communicate to earn the right to rotate and possibly be done before the other side.

First team to return to their starting spots wins and determines the consequences for the other side. My team always does the consequence together regardless of who "won". Consequences are volleyball related, quick feet, wall blocking, squats, ab crunches, etc.

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