March 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Jennifer Palacios, Tampa, FL.

This is a drill similar to queens, but it is called "Don't drop the baby." The farthest side of the net has three players with one player holding a volleyball or "baby".

The opposing side has two players on the court with one holding their volleyball or "baby" and one server. Once the serve is made each player on the opposing side must make contact with the ball without dropping the baby. Additionally, a player making contact with the ball in play cannot be holding the baby when contact is made.

All three players must make contact with the ball prior to returning to the other side of the net. Once the ball in play drops, a baby is dropped, a player holding the baby makes contact with the ball in play, or the ball crosses the net without all three players making contact play ceases and the winning team moves to the far court and a new team steps in.

To increase the difficulty of this drill two babies can be used on each side of the court. This drill works on communication, court and situational awareness, and team work.

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  • so if you are holding the baby you don’t/can’t play the ball? and you can give it (toss, hand) to a teammate so you CAN play the ball??

    peggy on

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