April 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Deb Matos, Nickel City Volleyball - Buffalo, NY

A game that our players love is "Rotating 4s".This drill encourages communication and gets everyone involved and moving. Can be a great warmup game or something to pull out when the team needs a little energy boost!! Players are split in 2 teams with 4 players on each side (3 back row and a front row 'setter'). A free ball is initiated from a coach off the court and played out with backrow attacks only.

After your team send the ball over the net, your side rotates (1-6-5-setter-off) meaning players will play in all spots. Each side only rotates when they successfully send the ball over and in-bounds. Play mini games to 7 or 11 points.

Variations: 1. initiate with a down ball or serve. 2. have 2 back row and 2 front row players who can attack.

Have fun!

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  • Love this drill, especially the subbing out and rotating in mid-point features! I’ll definitely be trying it in my group provate instruction lessons.

    Paul Oakes on

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