March 2021 Coaching Tip

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9 Player Pepper

Tip by Alicia Nopola in Two Harbors, MN.

The setup is as follows. There are three back row players on each side. Those players will remain on their side throughout the drill. There are two hitters and one setter that will begin on one side of the net, and then after an attack, they move under the net to become the hitters and setters on that side.

The two hitters and setter remain in the drill until they have completed 7 good pass-set-attack sequences. It doesn’t have to be 7 in a row. If they are unable to get a good pass-set-attack and just get the ball back over, they don’t go back to zero. This is a neutral ball, and they keep playing until they get 7 pass-set-attack sequences.

If the ball touches the floor, they go back to zero. You can also have the setter base in right back so there are three hitters that will go back and forth to each side during the drill.

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