February 2021 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Jynell Brunt in Lansdale, PA.


"10 before 4"

A great game for practicing serve & serve receive- as well as the mental toughness needed to come from behind & win! Divide your team in half- the serving side starts with 21 points & only earns points for aces. (You can also make it more difficult by taking away points for missed serves!)

The serve receive side starts with 15 points, but they earn a point for every 3 pass. If a player shanks a pass, their teammates can keep the other team from scoring by chasing it down & getting it over the net. Rotate in after each serve.

1st team to 25 wins, then switch sides/roles & compare scores to see who won that round. Ultimately, you want the receiving side to win, but if the serving side wins, keep track of how many points the receiving team got so you can determine a winner.

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