April 2021 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Trica Adkinson, Gooding, Idaho.

Drill is called "Rally Drill"

You have 6 on the court in their defensive positions. One coach on a box across the net to hit at them and 2 players or coaches to toss balls across the net. This drill works on the long rally and stamina and getting back to base.

Coach starts by hitting a ball at the 6 from the box across the net. The six play it out and send the ball over, immediately one of the tossers throws a ball over, and the 6 have to play it out and send it over. Immediately again, the other tosser throws a ball over, and the 6 have to play this out. Without any hesitation, the coach starts again by hitting at them, and the tossers follow again.

Continue for about 6-7 minutes before a break. Switch backrow to front row. For a variation you can start in serve receive and have someone serve to them first and have them play it out, then the coach hit at them, and then the tossers toss balls at them. Instead of switching backrow to front row, rotate through the 6 rotations.

My kids love this drill and it can get pretty intense. Works on defense, hitter coverage, returning to base, and serve receive.

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