March 2019 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Craig Cummings in Jonesboro, AR.

A 6v6 team defense drill I like to use early in our season to reinforce positive performance execution is Nev's for Points: The defensive side is in a specific rotation, and their goal is to earn 15 points from 20 balls. The offense side must run basic 4-1-c attack for the first 10 balls, after that they can run anything. Coach tosses to any of the five players on the offense side (setter has released). The defense can score a point from a: block, dig that the setter can use their hands on, big step and press by the blockers, all three hitters transitioning behind the 10 ft line, and a kill. After 5 tosses the offensive sides quickly waves to get new players on the court. The early part of the season I wash any attack errors by the offense, so the defense has to work to earn their points.

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