April 2019 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Paul Dill, MIT in Cambridge, MA.


Dig To Self Triples:

This is done in a Queen of the Court style with a coach feeding in a down ball to the winning side and losing team shagging and getting back in line. Coach feeds in down ball and a player must dig the ball to her/himself and then set a teammate either front or back row. The rally continues with the same dig to self rule in effect throughout. This teaches players to be accountable for a quality first touch since they must set the second touch. They also learn how to put up hittable out of system balls for their teammates. Hitters learn how to create attack lanes and hit out of system sets aggressively.

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  • Dave Herron……I agree and the 2 contact part so why not eliminate the “dig then set” and make it a dig/set where the dig needs to be put into a place where another player may get an attack – even if back row. Not only eliminates the double touch yet practices the occasional attack on 2.

    Jeff Freitag on
  • Dave Herron. 2 words. Ball Comtrol.
    In the end. Ball Control. Open ur mind a bit.

    Matt on
  • It also teaches players to dig ‘out of system’ and counter intuitive that we dig balls so a teammate can touch. I know of no VB rules that allow 2 consecutive touches. Won’t use this drill

    Dave Herron on
  • Sounds like a great drill for my program. I need to work on our out of system offence.

    Mary E Guerra on

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