July 2023 Coaching Tip

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Tip from Brad Hulse, Odgen, UT.

Bundle: For this 6 vs 6 drill, begin with one team serving and the other in serve receive. The scoring works as follows: if the serve receive team wins the rally they receive +1 point, plus the number of points corresponding to their team's serve receive pass, using a 3 point passing scale. If they are able to score on the first ball kill, they receive +2 points for the rally.

For example, if the pass is perfect and the team on serve receive eventually wins the rally, they receive +4 points. If they only have a 2-point pass, but are able to get a first ball kill, they receive +4 points. If the serving team wins the rally at any point, then they receive 1 point, and now become the serve receive team. First team to 25 points, win by 2, is the winner.

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