July 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Stephanie Ann Barthels from Wimberley, TX.


This drill is one we just started and we love it! We're VERY competitive and this helps us...split up your teams evenly... it starts out 3v3 back row you play this like queens BUT score points like a game!
-each side stays put...
-those 3 that mess up just step off and a new 3 step on
-game starts with a serve (rock, paper, scissor to start)
-at point 8; you'll add a FRONT row setter (she can block!)
- at point 10; add MB
-at point 12; add OPP
-at point 14 ; add OH
-you will always rotate the back row players out, but the front row players stay...OR you can wave them out at well...you'll end up adding to the point of moving the setter back to the back row and just having two in the back row...
-remember the game is queens but you will add players to the front row...
-first to 25 wins, must win by 2 of course!!! Rally scoring

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