July 2018 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Bill McKee from Columbia, IL.

The drill is called PIE. I stand in the middle of a circle (a PIE if you will) of my players. They are about 5 feet from me (diameter of the circle).

I toss/tip the ball in any direction at them and they must pass the ball back to me. If the ball is hit back to me I tip it back at them. If not, then someone must go in and get the ball back to me.

The other rules that I forgot to mention is that as I am standing in the center, each girl has a 'slice of pie' that is their coverage area, so DO NOT step in front of your neighbor to get the ball. If you do, I yell "get outta their pie."

I may also opt not to tip if the pass is over my head so I fully expect the player(s) behind me to cover behind me. Again, the 'slice of pie' rule applies there also!

We do this warm-*up at most practices. It reinforces several vb fundamentals such as cover your own area and cover the player in front of you.

How many times has a hitter taken a swing at a ball that was over their head, missed, and the ball hits the floor?

And in games when a player DOES step in front of another I yell the same "get outta their pie" and they get the point and sometimes the other team is standing there trying to figure out what I just said; kinda funny!

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