August 2018 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Giff Hancock, from Camas, WA.

We all incorporate some sort of penalty in practice for numerous reasons. Using drills for penalties that incorporate volleyball skills instead of just doing sets of lines, while considered a penalty, it is improving a part of their game in addition to their conditioning.

One we use is a blocking footwork drill incorporating middle transitions:
Players fill the front row positions on both sides of the court with the balance of the team is waiting near left front to transition in as the drill progresses.

Blocking sequence: Middle, Transition Left, Middle, Right then Middle
They then rotate one position CCW, one right side crosses the net and other goes to the back of the line with the line filling the empty LF spot.

The drill terminates after the entire team has rotated through both sides. This is timed and the team must better their time.

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