January 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip  by Kayla Allen from Marshall, TX.

Effort is the most important point of emphasis in our gym. Konjima is a defensive drill that is ran entirely by players that incorporates communication, effort, ball control, and conditioning. To run the drill, players are 3 across in the back row on both sides of the net. There is a hitter on each side of the net in middle front. Remaining players line up to fill in through right back.

The drill starts with 10 minutes on the clock (time can vary). Player in middle front inserts ball to 1 of the 3 players on her side in the back row. The ball is played back to middle front in order to keep the play continuous. At 30 seconds off the clock, whistle is blown, and defensive players rotate. Left back goes to the line on the opposing side, middle back shifts to left back, right back shifts to middle back, and a new player is inserted from the line into right back. (Advanced groups keep the ball going while rotating through.) This repeats every 30 seconds for rotation.

Every 2 minutes off the clock, we say, "New Hitters!" and two new players take the middle front position. (Advanced groups keep the drill going without stopping play.)
The effort emphasis comes to play with this variation: If at any point during the 10 minutes a ball falls without effort or attempt, the clock restarts at 10 minutes. Play continues until the clock reaches zero.

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