December 2021 Coaching Tip

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Drill by Jodie McCartney, Kiski Area School District in Vandergrift, PA.


This is a serve receive drill that can be used in practice, or as a warm up for serving in a game. Split team into 4 groups, two groups on serving line, two groups serve receiving. Both sides serve at the same time, receivers have to get a pass that could be set to a hitter on the court (front row or back row). They have 2 minutes to get 10 passes total (both sides count together). If they pass a ball over the net, or a ball hits the floor without anyone touching the score resets to 0. Keep track of wins & losses for individual teams. Servers get the point if the receivers don't get to 10. The team who has the most wins, decides what others do.

We also use this as pregame warm up, but only one minute then switch passers/servers, no scoring--to get serve & receive practice before a game.

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