December 2022 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Judith Joslin.


X-Court Setting Challenge - A favorite in our gym! This drill works on setting skills, teamwork and is goal-oriented. The challenge is for the team to continuously set, using two balls, for as long as they can, within the rules of the challenge. A great drill to use in the first part of the season.

Start with 2-3 players in each corner (on one side of the net), in a line, facing the opposite corner. Start with a toss......the first player in two of the lines, starts the challenge by tossing a ball to the first player in line diagonally from them. The players will then set back and forth to the next player in line that is cross-court from where they are. Once a player sets, the player then jogs to the line that is to their right. So the balls are set cross court and the players are moving to the line at their right.
The coach starts the stop-watch at the toss and stops/resets time if: either ball drops, or if a player uses a forearm pass instead of a set. The coach tells the players how long they kept it going and that is now the time to beat. If the balls hit in the air, the time is not reset. The coach just stops the clock and starts it when the setting begins again.
One solid rule: The only player who can set the ball, is the intended receiver. I also like having the players call out 'mine' to encourage calling for the ball.

The players love the challenge and it encourages cooperation and patience. I will sometimes stop the drill and ask what the team needs to do to increase their time.

The times for doing this drill in the beginning are usually very short. But that is what makes this drill so rewarding. They learn that determination and teamwork play a big part in being successful.

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  • Love this! Definitely going to use next season. Thanks!

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