January 2023 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Gloria Trevino, Edcouch-Elsa ISD in Edcouch, TX.


This warm-up game is meant to be played when you have a large number of girls and a limited number of nets.

Players divide up into two (TWOSIES) all the while setting up on all 6 positions of the court (12 players total) on both sides of net.

Coach can start game by tossing to one side of the net. Player that passes on first contact must pass to her "twosie" ( partner) and they must have 3 contacts in order to get ball over the net. Players on the other side of net continue playing but with 3 contacts as well. "TWOSIES" can pass, set, hit or pass, set, dink. If one partner shanks or hits it out or into the net, BOTH PLAYERS ARE OUT. Turning game into an elimination game. Last two players remaining on the court are your winners. BIG COMMUNICATION WARM-UP DRILL. You can progress game and having players serve, if "TWOSIES" get ACED serving player and her partner take their spot on the court. Shankers run around the court and serve on opposite side to get back in the game.

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