December 2018 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Susan Kentner, Bismarck Henning HS, Bismarck, IL

This is a super fun competitive drill and the girls love it!

Blanket Drill:

Put a tarp or several blankets over the net so neither team can see the other court, play 6 on 6 and coaches take turns throwing any kind of ball across the net at one of the 6-member teams, they play it out and we keep score....when that rally is finished another coach throws the ball to the other side and we continue to play. The girls have to really watch the ball to see where it is going and it really promotes communication. They love it, and some try to peek under to see where the ball is going but if they do, they have to run....really competitive and fun!

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  • we do this with the elementary PE parachute, adds lots of bright colors to the net area

    Darren Bradt on
  • thanks for sharing this! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

    Kathryn Howell on

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