November 2018 Coaching Tip

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Kristina Gafford, Midland College in Midland, TX.

One drill we use on a daily basis is "The Perfection Drill". It is a great warm-up drill that works on all aspects of volleyball: passing, setting, hitting, control, communication, pressure, etc. 


Groups of 3-4 players (typically have 3 groups). Each group needs one passer/hitter and one setter on each side of the net (If there are only 3 players in a group, the setter will set on both sides). Within the group, initiate play by serve or toss. Passer/hitter passes to setter and transitions out to hit, setter sets the ball, passer/hitter tips over to the passer on other side, same sequence on other side. Trying to get 10-12 pass, set, tip over and in a row. Once the group gets 10 in a row, switch setter to passer/hitter and passer/hitter to setter. 

Modifying the drill...

You can increase difficulty by making players hit a down-ball and then jump and swing. Also, adding the setter to block when the opposing hitter is hitting helps the passer work on staying outside the block, and the hitter hitting around a block.

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