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Tip by McKenna Skaggs from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Hello! I have created my own game that is a combination of Candyland and Monopoly, but for volleyball. It is called Vollopoly!

I have created on a poster board a game board like Candyland with different colored squares and some squares contain a picture of a volleyball.

The game is set up by teams splitting into 2 sides of 6, playing regular volleyball rules. With every point scored, the side moves their game piece one space forward and the game continues.

*IF the game piece lands on a square containing a volleyball, then a player (any player from that winning side **different player each time) must run to the coach and draw a "Chance Card." The Chance Cards contain REWARDS, CHALLENGES, and CONSEQUENCES. Reward cards include items such as: "move ahead 2 spaces" or "get out of consequence card." Challenge cards are a way for EITHER side to earn bonus points by doing things such as jousting, playing a round with 2 balls, digging a coach. Consequence Cards are where coaches can have a lot of fun...some of my cards include items such as: "To the player who drew this card, lose your dominant hand for 2 whole rotations or until you get 2 kills with your non-dominant hand," "Lose your setter for 4 balls," "To the player who drew this card go directly to jail until your team scores 3 aces in a row" (there is also a get player out of jail free card as one of the rewards), "Get 6 touch." Consequences can be anything from losing an ability... to a physical consequence that causes the team to become more tired.

You can either play this for time or to a certain number of points. My game board has a beginning and end space.

*Now there are a TON of ways to customize this game! Coaches can add elements specific to what that team needs to work on such as: - +1 space for every middle kill - +1 for every hard cross kill - +1 every time libero sets the out of system ball and it is a kill - +1 for every 1st ball side out - -1 for every unforced error - the last point must be a middle kill for a side to win basically ANYTHING!

I have played this with both a 13's and a 16's team giving different goals to each group and they have LOVED it. It is fast, fun, and encourages them to work on being more strategic while playing.

I hope you like it!

Update: McKenna was nice enough to share some pictures!

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  • I would like to see pictures also. It sounds great and promotes thinking.

    Becky Wipf on
  • I would love to see pics and more ideas about the different cards! Great game!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Christi on
  • I would love to see pictures

    Marianne gibbs on
  • This sounds awesome!! I would love to see your pictures too!! Do you have a template of the board your created that you could share?

    Janelle Moran on
  • Can you email me some pictures of the game board?

    kim on

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