Coach Speasl's February Coaching Tip

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Coaching to Learning Styles:

To improve your coaching make an effort to learn your players learning style. Pay close attention to their speaking patterns and you will pick up on clues that will help you understand them.

For instance, if your player is talking to a friend and says something like "I see what you're saying", she is probably a visual learner and as a coach you will need to show her the way you want things done.

If she says something like "I feel like doing something...", she is probably a kinetic learner and you will have to be sure that you get her to go through the motions slowly and as she masters them, she can speed up until she is practicing at full speed.

If she says something like "I hear what you mean", she is probably an auditory learner and you will have to explain actions in great detail. 

It's amazing how different people learn and you as a coach may have several learning styles on your team and until you  can teach to each style, you may be frustrated when players don't pick things up at the same rate as others. To some people this is a new challenge, but is very interesting and puts you in tune with your players at a higher level. 


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