The January Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

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Jean Lojko, Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC.

Point of Emphasis:To have athletes learn to focus on bending their knees while approaching and use their speed and arms to help them have an explosive jump.

Drill:Have a Coach or manager stand approximately eight to ten feet off the net holding a swimming noodle parallel to the ground. The height of the noodle and how far from the net you stand will depend on each individual player. You want the athlete to approach the noodle. Using a four step approach, the athlete would step right, then left (going under the noodle) then the right/left plant steps would put them in the optimal position to jump explosively.

Variations: Have an AcuSpike so they have a ball to hit. This helps the athlete have a visual and reach for the ball at a designated height of the coaches choosing.

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