Coach Speasl’s June Coaching Tip

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5 Keys to give your team balance and an advantage:

Key #1– Positive self-talk

The human mind can process 400 plus words a minute, it becomes imperative to have most of that self-talk be positive. We are constantly talking, evaluating, criticizing, and judging ourselves. The little voice inside our head is always talking (if you are asking what little voice, that’s it), we can learn to control it and we must keep it in check. Many of us grow up with negative guidance from parents and coaches therefore we’ve learned many things through negative feedback.

As a player you must approach the game in a positive fashion. We need to remember that we are in control of our self-talk and that we can make a conscious effort to think positively. The will to succeed starts with a positive attitude that you can achieve your goals. Positive self-talk is a choice and you must impress on your players that we are all free choosers in an unlimited field of choices. If you think you can achieve you are right, if you think you can’t achieve you are right. Positive self-talk will drive the next four Keys to balance and an advantage. 

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