The July Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

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Tip by Nabil Mardini, Pierce College & L.A.V.A. in Los Angeles, CA

Learning to Learn:

The three main reasons, a student or athlete fail to learn and comprehend certain material is because of the following: (1) Everything must be cleared. From a skill, to a key word, to a concept, etc. Once cleared, one’s memory doesn’t server you well. You must write everything down and use in sentences (at least three times) until it becomes entrenched and engrained in the long term memory of the brain; (2) While we have a small percentage of people who learn by listening, the majority of people are visual learners. As a matter of fact, all human beings are visual learners. Words on paper or spoken don’t mean much unless you use diagrams and schematics to assist in describing or understanding the concept; and (3) Information Overload (IO) – The brain can only handle a very small amount of information at a time. Some of the concepts/principles/methods, we culture in our gym: (1) Simple Concepts are difficult to master. (2) We need lots of deliberate practice. (3) Know what you’re working on. Deliberate, Mindful, Purposeful. (4) Monitor your focus, behavior, attention to results. (5) Great teams / players get good results when situations are less than perfect. (6) Things are less than perfect all the time!! (7) Great hitters hit with range on all different sets. (8) Great hitters get there feet to the ball, every time. (9) Run what you call; Feedback loop w/ setter. Need to hit all sets to different areas with different speeds. (10) See the street they’re giving you and take it. This requires great vision and great mechanics. 

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