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Great Team Building Ideas

Tip by Amy Fonnesbeck, Kenowa Hills, MI.

We focus so much on skills that sometimes we forget that by getting to know our players through team building activities can be one of the biggest motivators for our players.  If we build great relationships with kids then try to coach them it is a completely different dynamic when practicing.  These are the things I do with my team throughout the season.  This, also, eliminates trouble with parents because they know you care about their child.  If their kid sits the bench, yet still loves volleyball and is having fun, it is a win win!  These are the things I typically do with my team.  I try to do something fun once a week or every other week.  

Overnight at cottage tubing/boating

Beach day-beach volleyball

Corn maze 

Tie Dye

Pumpkin Carving

Water ballon fights

Team Board Games

Movie night

Beauty Day for Homecoming

Scavenger Hunts

Mini Golf

Ice Cream Social

I try to find things the kids are into.  The parents love it because the kids love it.  The kids build great relationships and a better team.  When you have the relationship they want to hustle more at practice, listen to feedback and apply it, cheer for their teammates louder from the bench, talk on the court, and push each other to win.  It sometimes takes time away from learning skills, but makes the time you are in the gym and on the court more valuable overall. 

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