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Tip by Sue Leonard, Fort Defiance, VA.

5-Minute Serve Receive Drill with Middles

One side of the net has 3 passers, 1 setter and 1 middle. The other side has servers. In five minutes the team needs (depends on the level of your team) anywhere between 35-50 good passes. The middles are set off of every pass.

We alternate middles and setters after 5 swings each. Team rotates from servers to passers. Passers rotates from position 5 to 6 to 1 and to server. Great drill for endurance, especially working the middle hitters. There is always some kind of penalty for not making your goal number of passes.

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  • We have a ladder competition in serving once or twice a week. First person serves 1 ball, then next 2 , then 3 ..ect. most beneficial part is when we come back together and discuss the process of how the team decided the serving order. Then round 2 rule is the same person cannot serve the same number. It great to see several girls gain confidence and take on more pressure to serve a higher number balls in , in a row.

    Lori White on

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