March Go Cart Winning Tip

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Howard Wallace, Kerrville, Texas.

Out of System Attacking Game.

This is a 2 on 2 or 3 on 3, back row attack game. The coach initiates play by tossing in a free ball (or hitting in a controlled down ball) to one side. Each side is only allowed 2 hits to get the ball over.

The idea is that a player must dig/pass the ball with the intent of making it "hitable" for a teammate. Winner of the rally gets a point. Coach enters the next ball to the losing side. You determine how you want to score it. It can be small -score games.

You can award bonus points for attacking vs. sending over free-balls or other scoring scenarios you think will be helpful for your group. For bigger teams, you can rotate players in on each rally one at a time - into right back, to middle back to left back to "off". Or you can switch out whoever digs. Or, maybe you have another way you'd like to to rotate/switch players?

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