April Go Cart Winning Tip

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Tip by Richard Moyers, BelAir, MD.

Hosting a Parent's Clinic

Early in the season, but after the team has started actually performing with one another, dedicate a practice to hosting a parent clinic. At the clinic, coaching staff will teach the basic mechanics but the athletes will take over coaching their parents.

After a while, open a couple of nets up to actually play some games. Parents will now learn about how much work their kids have gone through as well as have a better understanding of rules before barking at officials during matches...kids will have to sharpen up their understanding in order to instruct their parents...most importantly: it's another moment in the 'yearbook memories' for kids and parents to share with one another. In but a few months to a couple of years, the kids will off to college, the workforce, etc.

Parents will miss that dearly while kids will not really understand how important those moments are until distant. So, have volleyball be a shared moment.

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