March 2020 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Patrick Helmas, Babson College in Wellesley, MA.


Circle of Life Warmup Drill.

Minimum of 3 players, best if done with 4-6 players. For more than 6 players, add a blocker, or a second passer, or more people waiting in each line.

To get one point:
Team must successfully Serve>Pass>Set>Controlled Hit to a target>Dig to self, and the digger must Catch that dig.
NOTE: on each play, the Server also Digs, and the Passer also Hits.

After each attempt, rotate to the next spot:
Server/Digger>Passer/Hitter>Setter>back in line to Serve.

We normally spend 1 minute warming up and getting used to the drill, then do a 2 minute competition, Team A vs Team B, keeping track of points. Repeat as you see fit (perhaps best of 3).

If there's only 1 team in the gym, use goal setting: 10 points in 3 minutes, or 10 Good before 5 Bad, etc.

For a more advanced focus, be more specific with your scoring system: only passes that are hand-set count for a point, or only in-system passes in the target box count, or only digs that are caught at the 10-foot line count, or only sets that are more than 3 feet away from the net count, etc.

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