April 2020 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Kris Maglunog in Phoenix, AZ.


Serve Receive Activator

Focus on Side out, 6v6 Drill

Rules: Teams must be "Activated" to score. How a team becomes activated, the team must score in serve receive. Once a team is activated, they will get unlimited freeballs until they lose the point. Teams play to 15 points.

You can modify the drill based on your needs for the practice!
- Middle Kill in Serve Receive Activator
- First Ball Side Out Bonus Points
- Must win the serve ball to be activated

Team A serves to Team B. If Team B scores, they become "activated" and receive freeball after freeball until they lose a rally. Every freeball Team B scores is a point to Team B. If Team A scores, Team A becomes the receiving team and Team B serves. Teams must be activated twice in a rotation to rotate. First to 15 (or any point value) wins the game.

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