March 2018 Coaching Tip

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Tip by John Howell

Hempfield HS, Greensburg, PA.

To get your players to pass and transition better and quicker, I like to use this drill.

Put your players in a group of 4. Position 2 of them on the end sideline of the volleyball court. The first players tosses the ball just past midcourt and the player from the other side runs in...makes a pass then transitions back to the sideline. The player on the other sideline runs in and does the same. The players make this a continuous passing drill. Usually for a timed amount of time. Can be done once with forearm passing only and then all setting.

Options to the drill. 1. Work for the sidelines of the basketball court into the volleyball court.

2. Require certain height in the passes.

3. Work in groups of 3 instead of 4 in a group. Do the drill the same way but the side with 1 passer is now working twice as hard. Run for 1 minutes then change the single side passer.

Demand a good pass first then hustle to get back off the floor. You will see a much-improved development in footwork and ball control.

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