April 2018 Coaching Tip

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Tip By Dennis Piechowski from Hutchinson, MN.


My drill is fashioned after the old fashion baseball pop fly game of 500. I played this as a kid during baseball season and now have transformed it into a volleyball serve receive passing drill. The drill consists of 1 server and 3 passers on the court ( you can have extra replacement passers in a single file line behind the end line). The coach can be the target and "point awarder".

Select one person to serve. They continue to serve until one passer is able to score 500 points. Serve receive passers accumulate scoring in this fashion. For a perfect "3" pass, that is worth 100 points. If they pass a "2" pass it's worth 75 points, and if they pass a "1" it is only worth 50 points. If the passer passes a "0" or an over pass, the passer then loses 100 points. The passer can never go below 0 points.

The server is constantly working on hard aggressive serves, thus improving their serving skill. They want to serve as long as possible. Passers (3 on the court at a time) are working on being aggressive and calling the ball early and scoring points. If they score a "3" pass or 100 points, they stay on the floor. If they pass a "2" or "1", they leave the floor and replaced with a passer waiting on the endline. First passer to score 500 points now becomes the next server.

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