January 2018 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Lesli Hiller, St. Paul HS in St. Paul, Oregon.

Capture the Flag drill. This is a great drill for hitters to be aware of targeting their hits and the team to be vocal on holes they may see. 6 vs 6 with 6 "flags" behind and off the court(when traveling we use their water bottles). Play is initiated with a free ball and continues with free ball to the loser. If there is no kill free balls continue to losing side. First team to get a kill, the passer of the kill runs to behind the other team's court to steal a flag.

At the same time the losing team gets a free ball while calling out the area on the opponent's court where the passer is missing as the target for the hitter. This is very fast paced and I always yell passer go after the kill, as I toss to the losing side. The goal is for one team to capture all twelve flags so with even teams it can go on for awhile, with the flag count going up and down, but it is my players favorite. Every 3-5 minutes we rotate or just flip front and back rows since it is free balls.

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  • The idea is to keep the game as a continuous 6 vs 6 so when the winning side passer leaves the court to grab a flag, the losing side gets a free ball and tries to aim a kill to the position she has left open, the defensive side then has to try to cover the area to keep the play going and protect their flags.

    Lesli Hiller on
  • Hi Leslie, This sounds like a fun drill. Question: When the passer that made the kill leaves the court to get a flag, can can any of the players cover their zone as well? Or is it just a simple forearm passing drill trying to pass to different zones on the other side? Will try this at next practice. Thanks for posting! (4O8) 449-96OO

    Johnson R. Hipona, Jr. on

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